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Speed Set

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Unser Speed Set eignet sich perfekt für alle, die ihre Sprunggeschwindigkeit erhöhen und neue Double Under Rekorde aufstellen möchten. Unser Speed Set besteht aus 2 unterschiedlich dicken Seilen für unterschiedliche Geschwindigkeiten und Ziele. Die Seile des Sets sind 3 Meter lang und lassen sich ganz einfach perfekt auf die Körpergröße anpassen. Besonders beliebt ist es auch bei Crossfitlern oder Athleten, die es zum Aufwärmen benutzen.


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1x EVERJUMP Speed Griffe

1x Speed Seil Schwarz (ca. 45gr)

1x Speed Seil Gelb (ca. 80gr)

1x Nutzung unserer kostenfreien App Version

Choosing the right size

If you fall between two sizes, we recommend the following guidelines:

For beginners, we recommend choosing the longer version. This gives you more leeway for mistakes when learning.

If you already have experience with rope jumping, or are generally well coordinated, then your rope size will depend on your personal preference. If you want to focus more on speed, take the shorter variant. If you want to do more tricks and freestyle jumps, take the longer version.

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Everjump enables you to burn fat and build muscle at the same time - with only one device. The training is as individual as you are and adapts to your personal needs. Thanks to the weighted ropes and our digital coach, you can quickly reach your personal goals-

60 min


Legs & Glutes

Legs & Glutes

Thanks to the explosive jumping movements and stabilization, the leg and glutes muscles are activated and effectively trained with every jump.

Abs & Chest

Abs & Chest

Thanks to high calorie consumption and intensive use of the abdominal and chest muscles, the six-pack comes within reach.

Arms & Back

Arms & Back

Contracted shoulder blades, which are forced by the skipping rope, lead to a constantly trained back and arm muscles.


  • Everjump vs. Regular Ropes

    Weighted ropes offer an intensive full body workout that helps you improve your endurance and build muscle strength.

    Here you will find 6 reasons that highlight the advantages of Everjump.

  • How often should I jump rope?

    Recommendation for experienced athletes: 3-5 times per week

    Recommendation for beginners: 1-2 times per week

    Here we discuss this question in detail.

  • Choosing the right size

    For beginners we recommend the longer version. This will give you more room for mistakes while learning.
    If you already have experience in jumping or are generally well coordinated, then it depends on your personal preference. If you want to maximize your speed, choose the shorter version. If you want to do more tricks and freestyle jumps, take the longer version.


We are convinced that you will love Everjump. However, if you are not 100% satisfied with your order, we will refund the full purchase price. This guarantee is valid for all products for up to 30 days after delivery.