Bodychange: das macht Seilspringen mit Deinem Körper

Bodychange: What Jumping Rope Does With Your Body

Why are you doing sports? Probably because you are hoping for a change, a transformation. Maybe you want to get a slimmer line or build muscle. This is exactly what happens faster through some sports than with others. Jumping rope is at the top of the list of promising workouts for many, and for a good reason. Today we will tell you what physical changes a skipping rope can trigger for adults and how you can train most effectively.


Skipping Rope: Sport For More Muscle Definition


Did you know that you can target a variety of muscles with a fitness jump rope? After all, a jump rope workout requires teamwork - target muscles and auxiliary muscles work together to achieve success. Let's explore this further together.


The target muscles

When jumping rope, the target muscles are in your legs. On the one hand we have the calf muscle (musculus triceps surae). Your calf muscles are engaged every time you push off or bounce back onto the ground. This ensures, for example, that your feet are lowered. In addition to the calf muscles, the front thigh muscle, the so-called quadriceps femoris muscle, is also required. The power pack allows you to stand up again from a crouch. The front thigh muscle is also specifically targeted when pushing off and cushioning.


The Auxiliary Muscles

The auxiliary muscles are not targeted with a fitness skipping rope, but addressed indirectly. It is also an important component which is essential for jumping rope. Unlike the target muscles, the workout targets many different body regions when it comes to the auxiliary muscles.


  • Abs: The straight abdominal muscle (rectus abdominis) helps you walk upright and maintain your posture. So that you don't lose your balance when jumping, you tighten it automatically during training.
  • Musculus erector spinae: It represents the lower back muscles and stabilizes the spine. It also supports the posture of your head. When jumping rope, it is also active as an auxiliary muscle.
  • Upper arm flexors: This includes the musculus brachialis and musculus biceps brachii, both of which are constantly in action when jumping rope. After all, they ensure that you can bend and stretch your upper arms.
  • Deltoid muscle: You've probably heard of the deltoid, the largest muscle in the shoulder that runs up into the upper back. The deltoid provides stability so you don't just fall over while jumping.




Good to know!

The muscles in your wrists are also particularly involved. Various muscles, a total of sixteen, implement the so-called rotational movements so that jumping rope works in the first place.


With The Jump Rope To A Six Pack?


A six-pack, where the muscles on the stomach are clearly visible, cannot only be achieved with the usual abdominal exercises such as "crunches". The secret to a six pack is a calorie deficit. So you have to burn more calories than you take in. Experts state that this accounts for up to 90% of six pack success. The remaining 10% can be skimmed off with targeted abdominal exercises. But why not combine both? Harvard Medical School made an interesting discovery.[1] So sit-ups aren't as good as planks. They seem to be getting the most out of their potential as they not only target the abdominal muscles but also activate the back muscles. The sense of balance is also on board. When you jump rope, you also tighten your back muscles and abdominal muscles - your entire torso is working, which strengthens your inner core. Of course, you also have to keep your balance when jumping rope. So skipping rope seems to fulfill the same requirements as the planks. In addition, you burn a lot of calories due to the high level of activity. Burn tension + calories, this could be your formula for a six pack via cardio jump rope.




Fat Burning: With A Skipping Rope To A Slim Line


Similar to the six-pack, losing weight is also about creating a calorie deficit. In addition to a healthy diet that avoids fat and sugar, exercise helps you to optimize your calorie flow. The comparison "jump rope vs. Jogging" shows that jumping can have a significant impact on your calorie balance. Would you like a small example? When jogging you burn about 350 kcal within 30 minutes. With the skipping rope it's a whole 500 calories in the same period of time. Of course, the number of calories you get rid of with the jump rope also depends on what weight you start with and how intensively you train. You can find more about this topic in our blog article: "How much fat does jumping rope burn?" By the way: With a HIIT skipping rope you train particularly effectively and burn an impressive number of calories in a very short time.


When Does My Body Start To Change?


Your body transformation begins practically on day one, even if you can't see it in the mirror yet. When you start training with a jump rope, you immediately address your muscles and give them the impetus to define. You also burn calories from the first training session. Nevertheless, you should have some patience. It may take a few weeks until you can perceive your body change externally. Until then, you can motivate yourself with the inner changes. As with jogging, you will notice after a few sport units that you have more stamina. If you like, start right here and fill the breaks with various fitness exercises. In this way you can make your training even more varied and push your transformation process even more.

  • As a beginner you can start jumping 10 × 1 minute at a time. In between you take a 1 minute break.
  • As an advanced you can also interrupt your jump rope training for 1 minute. Instead of taking a break, you use your free time for exercises such as squats, push-ups or crunches.


Buy Skipping Rope: The Right Skipping Rope Is Decisive For Success


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[1] Core Exercises: 5 workouts to tighten your abs, strengthen your back, and improve balance - Harvard Health