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7 Gründe, warum Springen das perfekte Workout ist


7 Reasons Why Jumping Is The Perfect Workout

Varied, time-saving and effective - these are just a few reasons for jumping rope. Then skipping rope is probably just the right thing for you. Today we will tell you 7 good reasons why a jump rope workout is worthwhile for you.

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Wie viel Fett verbrennt Seilspringen?

How Much Fat Does Jumping Rope Burn?

Jumping rope just makes the pounds tumble. At least if you can motivate yourself for the sport and train regularly. INToday we will find out together why skipping rope is a perfect workout and how it can easily keep up with jogging.

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So gesund ist Rope Skipping wirklich


Rope Skipping Really Is That Healthy

Jumping rope is ideal as an effective cardio workout or simply to warm up: 10 minutes should burn almost as many calories as jogging for around half an hour. Jumping rope involves both body and mind

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Das Springseil von Everjump

Jumping rope vs. jogging

  1. Effective endurance training and promotes fat burning
  2. Full body training
  3. Trains the coordinative skills

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